Pierre Arsenault self-portrait

Pierre Arsenault is primarily known as a versatile, multi faceted photographer based in Montreal, Canada. Pierre is highly regarded in the industry, bringing passion, enthusiasm and a relaxed sense of humor to all his projects. He has gained a reputation for creativity, efficiency, and professionalism and, it must be said, a bit of an obsession with hockey.

Kick-starting his career in the fashion milieu, Pierre  worked extensively with clothing companies and models, establishing  a strong editorial and commercial presence. Dividing his time between Canada and exotic destinations for lifestyle, tourism  and swimwear publications, he has  a strong passion for people and their environments. Along the way, Pierre and his associates created a world-class collection of Stock Imagery  used by many of the world’s most iconic brands.

In the studio or on location, Pierre’s team excels in fast-paced, yet relaxed photo sessions for a wide variety of  assignments and  clients. Reputed for his commitment to excellence, his fair and honest approach has garnered him a firm following of repeat commercial clients that appreciate the consistent quality of his work, studio and service.

Pierre is also part of the teaching faculty at Dawson College, where he  shares his ideas and experience with upcoming creative talents.  When not thinking of ways to better serve his clients, you may find Pierre skating his way around the ice at the local arena working on his wrist shot and trying to keep up with his two boys.

Pierre lives nearby with his wife Mai, who is a talented hair and make-up artist. (www.makeupbymai.ca )  Mai recently published “Rien De Beau Sur La Guerre ”  to find out more visit www.mainguyenmontreal.com


Have an efficient, comfortable studio you love working in, be surrounded by good people, be ready to work hard with passion and a commitment to excellence, keep learning from everyone around you.

Our studio is located at 4710 Rue St Ambroise, suite 317a, it’s also known as Aluma Studio, which we sometimes rent to other photographers. It sits in eclectic  St. Henri  just below Westmount, and 1KM west of the Atwater Market.   It’s great for a lot of reasons, but I like the area with Notre Dame St. and the Canal, the  huge white cyclo, the ground floor elevator, the cool air conditioning, Carlos’s sandwiches, the music and of course the many options we have to caffeinate.

Aluma Studio Photography Montreal by Pierre Arsenault, professional photographer


We see every project as an opportunity, but each has it’s own unique challenges,  having the right solutions allows us to create strong targeted visuals for our clients.  Here are a few examples.

Corporate photo montage by Pierre Arsenault


CIBC Wood Gundy

When Darren’s team approached us, I felt the challenge was to create something original that would stand out from others and project his status as one of the top financial services group in Montreal. While many companies think they are best served with a cookie cutter approach and often shoot in a rushed way on a generic background. Darren’s team put their complete trust in us, using our experience in the financial services field and we wanted it to be special for all involved.
With fixed web platforms with limited space for photography, we had to plan for these parameters and developed images that would showcase our client’s strengths using banner, verticals and horizontal shapes. In a 4 hour session we were able to work in an incredible boardroom and we created a distinctive style for the individual portrait images, using the many windows, coloured gels and a narrow depth of field. We produced a variety of sophisticated images of the entire team, both as a formal portraits and shots of the team in action. Working with my top assistant and using portable computers we were able to quickly adjust our studio lighting and work with Darren’s confidence in a variety of angles and scenarios.
I think the results speak for themselves and to cap it off, I photographed the leader in his office and captured strong original images that show what makes his team special.


Corporate Photo Collage by Pierre Arsenault


Manulife are a progressive company with a huge dynamic workforce, I have had the pleasure to work with them often over the past decade. What is great is the complete trust they have in me, I am given carte blanche to photograph their personnel in the way I feel is best. While many companies today are looking to quickly shoot their entire staff against a beige wall. Manulife understand the importance of images that reflect their brand and the unique qualities of their people.
This flexibility is both a creative opportunity and a challenge. For these sessions, I work with a top assistant and we are ready to shoot in 3 different areas at all times. We set up our minimum of 3 Profoto D1 on air remotes in their vast lobby, we also have a portable kit and collapsible reflector ready to shoot outdoors, and lastly we have a lighting set up in the main offices to shoot in a more formal setting. Working closely with Manulife, we schedule people into the general area and based on their roles, personality and our intuition, we are free to tailor the situation to them and let the fun begin!
Here are a few images that are part of the series, one of them was even taken in the studio and we applied a background after, can you guess which?

Corporate-Photo-Collage-of-Headshots-Photographed for-Manulife-Financial






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