I spend hours teaching photography students to concentrate on a specialty.

Why Not?  It’s the right way to build a career in photography!

Discerning clients look for specialists and search for the most experienced talent available to shoot their projects. With websites and social media marketing helping to broadcast your photo expertise, your specialty will help customers decide on the right person for the job.

On the flipside, there are still commercial clients that are less discerning than you might think, assuming that since you are a photographer, you can shoot anything. And with that assumption unfortunately price sometimes becomes a huge factor for many in the decision making process.

A photographer has the ability to shoot any subject or setting well – only if he has the right experience and ability. We have seen it happen too many times to count, when individuals have hired from the wrong field or by price alone and have been left feeling disappointed. An industrial photographer may not always have the patience or tools to walk into your boardroom and walk out with a compelling yet flattering portrait of your new CEO, and of course the vice versa applies. There are specialists for a reason.

I have had the task of reshooting projects that didn’t quite live up to expectations on many occasions, especially where the photos involve people, where lighting, people skills and experience make all the difference.

Where am I going with this?

I just completed a couple of industrial assignments, way out of my comfort zone. The good people at Superior Alloy Technology in Boucherville needed some new material for their website and I have to say, it was a blast to work in this challenging  environment, I think it worked out for all involved, what do you think?

The key for me is in the lighting, and 30 years of experience helps too! Just saying!

Industrial Photography by Pierre Arsenault Photo